Beijing Universal Weight Electronic Scale Co., LTD. (UWB) was founded by Taiwan Universal Weight Enterprise Company Limited (UWB).  To meet the demands of the market, UWB sets its branch institute as its sales center.  UWB now stands as a leading manufacturer in the Chinese marketplace for electronic weighing scales and instruments.

     Building upon a history of technical innovation, industry-leading product reliability and unsurpassed customer service, UWB has always strived to provide quality and value in all scales.  Our quality management system fulfills the ISO 9001 certification. UWB offers a comprehensive product range to suit the demands of the marketplace.  Our products offer various capacity from grams to tens of tons to suit the household, industrial, commercial and medical trades.  And if the need arises, UWB can also provide instrument for specialized applications.

       Our aim is to dominate the local electronic weighing scale and instrument market and from this base, expand to the global market.  UWB provide the first level service and support.  From pre-sales consultation through after-sales servicewe are committed to giving you the result you need!
       Every minute, in different parts of the world, UWB products are serving people, who rely on weighing equipment to finish their work, in a precise laboratory or in a huge steel milling plant. With no doubt, UWB is making their life easier.
       We welcome qualified company to join our family as our agent/distributor/sole representative. 
  • "Qualified" means: - 
        He is not a competitor in the market place in which he wishes to operate. 
        He is willing to support the products both commercially and technically with dedicated staff as appropriate to the market size and sales volumes. 
        He does not represent competitive products in the market. 

After he becomes our family member. 

  • To enable our family member to become a respectful market, we offer: - 
     Quality Products Full Technical and Marketing Backup
     Unsurpassed Customer Service 
     Effective Market Response 
     Undisturbed Market Environment 
Be Our Team Member

One of our important daily roles is to make sure that we provide reliable and the best value products to our clients worldwide.

In fact, innovation and latest technology are just part of our total service promise to client. We believe your participation could help us achieve this in a more efficient way.

          UWB maintains strategic cooperation with industry leaders from whom we get supplies for key components and OEM products. We work together as team member.

           We welcome your participation as a team member provided that you are a qualified supplier for: -

* Key components for use in electronic weighing scales and instruments, and/or

* Reliable & quality electronic weighing products

* Something which is could be a help to us

"Qualified" means: -

* You are a market leader in the respective field.

* You are certified by an international recognized quality assurance standard.

* Your products are approved by corresponding international standards generally applied.

* You are willing to support the products both commercially and technically with dedicated staff.

* You are willing to disclose all technical information which is required for our product development, marketing and after sales purposes.

* Your products remain survived after severe tests conducted or leaded by UWB.

We offer: -

* Access to the Global Market

* Expertly Product Advice

* Extensive Technical and Commercial Supports

* Privacy to all Materials and Information Provided

* Plus Much More...

to the right products.

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